Bestfriend Housemates Rock My Socks

C, Myself and K

Over the past 2 years I have been lucky enough to experience living with two of my (extremely different) best friends. So many people will argue living with close friends can severely impact your relationship, I have to say I wouldn’t have it any other way. From girls nights to gossip to knowing when to leave each other the hell alone, I never want to live with strangers (or alone for that matter).

My past housemate C was the ever bubbly, calm, and encouraging girl who was always available for a snuggle movie session in her bed, or a late night Maccas run. I regretfully had to leave her after a bad breakup and it felt like moving away from a sister we had grown so close and trusting of one another. She brightened each day like the feeling you get when an old favourite 1990s pop song comes on the radio and her smile warmed my heart.

The current housemate, K, took me in during this break up and showed me unconditional love and kindness, while opening me up to a brand new assortment of emotions and social experiences outside of my comfort zone. She pushed us both into aiming for a healthier lifestyle after we both confronted our unhappiness with our self-esteem. Together we’re taking on the world by tackling the insecurities within ourselves. She pushes me to go further everyday, and reminds me that it’s okay to stumble and fall sometimes.

Both of these girls taught me more about myself and the people I want in my life than I could have ever anticipated, and I will forever be grateful for that.

If you’re undecided about moving in with close friends – here are my top reasons why living with your best friend is an absolute dream come true!

1. Second Wardrobe!

Ever lost your favourite black cardigan only to be invited out at night last minute with nothing else to keep you warm? Never fear, best friend housemates will not only help you by lending you clothes, but they will be honest about whether outfits look okay or not. C used to lend me warm clothes in winter (I’m a massive cold sook) and I frequently lend K dresses she looks fabulous in when she decides to go out on the weekend before she’s washed any clothes for the week. Not only is it a bonding expereince, but everyone saves money!

2. Cooking Partner!

Speaking of saving money, when K and I decided to opt for a healthier lifestyle, we began researching healthier alternatives for us without jeopardising our work, play or our bank accounts. We experiment with meals and now do all of our grocery shopping together saving money, time and continually learning new things together.

3. Short Notice Girls Night!

The number of times I have come home from work to sit down to an episode of New Girl, How I Met Your Mother or Friends to all of a sudden be marathoning on the couch with one of my favourite people in the world is uncountable. We laugh together, cry together and just enjoy the company of one another. Sometimes we will open a bottle of wine, other nights we will order a ridiculously number of pizzas and garlic bread for 2 people – but it is always worth it and always fun.

4. We Understand Mood Changes – No Questions Asked.

Being a girl does have it’s own biological prerequisite we can’t change as much as we might wish. The benefit of living with your best friend means not only can they understand what you’re going through, they can help! Unfortunately for me, I have some issues that make my time of the month not so friendly. On the positive, I have had 2 people come to know my body as well as I do, look out for me when I’m not doing okay and understand without question if I need help even when I am too shy to ask for it. Plus, both my ladies have surprised me with special treats (Smiths Salt and Vinegar Chips, and Cadbury Chocolate – my cramp cure) the times they just knew I wasn’t doing so well. When you live 6 hours away from your Mum, this becomes a lifesaver!

5. We Have Each Others Back

Yes, housemates will occasionally fight. The benefit of living with a best friend is that you love each other like family. You overcome what comes between you because you care about one another. This came compassion for each other means that if anyone messes with these girls I will go confront them in a heartbeat and defend my girls to the very end. If we think a new friend of theirs is a bad egg – we will tell each other (I’ve probably said this to K countless times) just like if we think a boy isn’t worthy of them, we let them know (something K told me many, many times before we lived together and I wished I listened!). We put each other first because we are family.

Living with my best friends has been able to provide me with companionship, comfort, encouragement and most importantly love. I couldn’t think of a better environment to expose myself to when it comes to facing big life changes when you are hours away from family members, too busy to actively engage in a big social life, or like me you can fall sick at the drop of a hat. I love my house-sisters. Thank you K and C for the amazing memories!


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