Coral and Geoff: The Source

15 Minute Challenge: someone shares a topic I write and post in under 15 minutes.

In my life, I’ve never found a bond stronger than that of a Newton.

We are formidable creatures, spread out along the east coast beginning to infect other lands across the water.

We have grown from a foundation of love, magpies and Vegemite. Lots of Vegemite.

Our hearts are intertwined and we all feel a connection spanning generations. The love of Coral and Geoff is one to be envious of, as it ignited not only a deeper connection than any other couple I have met, but they have inspired a further 2 generations to pass on the kindness and generosity to others.

Family is the strongest love one can have. It is always there in times of celebration, as we welcome fluff balls into the world, or celebrate a wondrous union and accept another soul as our own. We are a force strong facing the mortality of life, accepting death while we hold onto the precious moments of the present.

The present is our time, a time of love and encouragement, beauty and inspiration. The present is what is important, and we embrace each moment we share together.

In moments of weakness and darkness we hold our heads strong, facing the crashing waves as though there is an army behind us. Because there is. All for one, and one for all.

Newton is in my DNA, and Newton will be what I pass on to my children.




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