Gluten Free Week 1: What’s happening to me??

It has now been one month since I officially discovered from my doctor that I indeed had a gluten intolerance.

However, it’s only been a week since I actually went gluten free. In that week I cheated and ate gluten food twice (immediately regretting it) and read countless articles about bizarre gluten related theories from poison in our water to ibuprofen causing intolerances more than our terrible Western-influenced diet in Australia. As the only person I know allergic to paracetamol, and presently dependant on ibuprofen to get me through each week, I hope to death the latter isn’t accurate…

Needless to say after scaring myself from swallowing close to anything, today was the first day I actually bought a book to help.

Living Gluten-Free for Dummies“. Yup, that’s me. I am officially a well deserving Gluten-Free Dummy.

gluten free

While I’m yet to read the whole thing – let’s be honest, this book will become engrained in my mind by the time I am finished – I have already taken my very first lesson from it:


For someone with a gluten-intolerance (also called gluten sensitivity), or even worse someone with Celiac disease, Gluten-Free is not a fad of a diet to try to help you lose a few extra pounds. You can not cheat on this diet. Going gluten-free affects many aspects of your life, not just your diet. It is the only known treatment for celiac disease and gluten intolerance and sneaking normal slice of pizza is the difference between gas, bloating, fatigue, dizziness, mood swings, muscle and joint pains…shall I continue?

This week I have discovered I have almost no-willpower, and without the (surprisingly large) amount of carbs I consumed through bread, weetbix and cupcakes each day I am almost always hungry. My stomach growls from hunger! But that’s just it! It’s hunger! For the first time I am not writhing in stomach pain after almost every meal, I am not bloating and lifting my shirt to look pregnant (although I so make a pretty adorable pregnant belly) and I am not wanting to fall asleep every afternoon because I have become so fatigued from the simple task of digesting.

Farewell to Milo, you’ve been a good friend to me. Goodbye McDonalds Cheeseburgers, I’ll miss you when I have PMS. So long TimTams, maybe now I can lose those love handles of mine…Am I happy I am saying goodbye to these loves of my spoilt life? No. Have I been a brat and sulked about the fact I can’t eat what I want too? Yes. Do I realise how ridiculous I have been this past month in delaying this process? Hell, yes! The only person I was hurting was myself.

Tough Love Lesson I (unintentionally) gave myself: No one else will care if you eat gluten – it doesn’t affect anyone but yourself. In order to feel better, you need to take responsibility for your own behaviours. A pretty good mantra to live by if you ask me…

I am a gluten-free dummy, but hopefully I can change that and start feeling better again soon!

Look out for my next Gluten-Free post when I get my head stuck into this book!


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