Taking the road less travelled



New beginnings can be cleansing, but ultimately scare us when they are not brought by choice. When we lose control we as humans feel most vulnerable. Scared at what lay ahead of us, more often than not people choose to stick with what they know, go for the safest option. Is it the better option? If you are trapped in the daily grind, how do you know if you are happy with what you do, or merely secure? Are you just succumbing to other social pressures?

The internet is a wondrous thing, as professional bloggers, vloggers, internet celebrities and writers have all emerged from humble beginnings. If you know how to say it loud enough online, you can be heard. 50 Shades of Grey became an international best seller making millions of dollars, holding the record of the fastest selling paperback of all time and spawning a movie franchise – starting from a woman’s fan-fiction of the Twilight series. There are no bounds with the internet, and you truly can make a living doing what you love.

I write for practice, and I write to converse. I talk to myself, to other bloggers and opinionated individuals of the present, to people decades before me, and to people who will come decades after me. I do not know if my words will be read, and it is a scary thought that in a years time perhaps my blog is just another in the countless abyss of cobweb riddled, vacant URLs. However, what is the point of doing something day after day if you are not striving for something better? I want to create and impact, I want to have people trust my judgement and come to me for advice. Why should I take a desk job in a dark corner of the world to become another part of the machine?

Why should you?

If you do not love what you do, then why are you doing it?

Honestly ask yourself, when was the last time you felt content at work? When was the last time you knew you  were working towards something better? When was the last time you did not dread the start of a new work week?

If you can say that today you are content, I, along with most of the working world, envy you. Simultaneously I congratulate you.

When life changes, and we are given the chance to change ourselves with it – take the risk. What do you have to lose?

My father has recently had a change of life thrust upon him. With a few months to make a plan on what to do next, I say to him – why not? Why not express yourself to the world and see what the world says back to you. A writer, a poet, a philosopher and a complete dork, there is a place online for you. You just need to find it.

As Robert Frost explains in The Road Not Taken, life always gives us 2 options. We get to make the decision of which path to follow. Perhaps you can not see what lay completely ahead. Maybe you’re afraid of diverging off the main track. Conformity never really was your style, and you danced around the room to George Michael in your forties, sat alone at the cafe people watching in your thirties and raised 3 beautiful, intelligent children in your 20s. Your life’s knowledge is irreplaceable and unique.

My dearest father, you are wise owl in a forward moving world. Perhaps you feel out of place, but I assure you, no one fits perfectly together. Sometimes the most different are the most powerful. Your thoughts are strong, humble and have gotten me through many dark nights as I grappled with who I wanted to be when I grew up. The world could use your advice, your expressions and your clarity. Whenever you don’t know how to do something, it always seems scarier than what it is – once you learn it it becomes second nature. Remember the first time you rode a bike? Of course not. Remember when you had no idea how to do the job you’re in now? That was years ago. Take the jump, you’ve got a world wide web of resources to help you succeed.

Engage in the conversation back to me.

Tell me, what are you afraid of?




  1. Emmerleener

    Your piece on taking the road less travelled has caused an inner stirring.

    The quiet inner voice of self and reasoning is shouting at me to escape and be heard.

    It has caused me to write another poem expressing my current situation facing a second employment redundancy in six months and it has caused me to again revisit the inner narrative that fills my quiet mind with noise, static and unbridled life knowledge. There are things I know that need to be shared and inner wisdom present in my silence that has plumbed the depths of an old mans soul. Perhaps there is a place for expression of such a beast. Perhaps.

    Today I entered a quaint bookstore in the knowledge that a book was calling me – the second time I have experience such a draw – and after an awkard time looking at nothing I saw across the store my most favourite book of all time ” dark night of the soul ” by Thomas Moore; a book I lent out and never saw again half a dozen years ago and then as I walked to the counter a book on the construction of poetry. Whispered to me. Not bad since twenty minutes earlier I had shared a recent poem with a colleague expressing the raw pain and confusion of losing our jobs by bureaucratic pen stroke and the hope of new exciting adventures ahead

    I then had the pleasure of engaging the little old lady in the shop about the authors, the meaning and importance for her of seeing me discover … Yes that word tattooed on my arm… Discover in her little shop.

    I also then had the pleasure of seeing the second blade runner novel in a serious I has been talking to my son about a week earlier. A gentle gift that was unexpected but wholly enjoyable.

    The power of story, expression and latent soul based discovery. It runs deep through my veins. I have tried to pass that on and see it in all of my children, and am experiencing it here with you now.

    For this I thank you. It is refreshing, reframing and has armed me for the difficult journey I face ahead.

    Will I find a blog space brave enough to hold my past my pain and my discoveries? … I don’t know, but it has awoken a man full of passion knowledge and narrative seeking a reader .

    Yes I danced to George Michael, yes I sat in lonely coffee shops and yes I brought up three loves of my lives in my children…

    But emeerlenner…that ain’t the half of it…….

    Your devoted dad

    1. Dad,
      A perfect response – perhaps this is your first post for your own blog waiting to be published?
      Your pain, past and discoveries have made you such an intelligent yet ever humble man. Embrace the change and the challenge.

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