Christmas Movie Extravaganza!

Bells are ringing, carollers are singing and Christmas decorations hang from the ceiling of every shopping centre. For the next 4 weeks we will pretend we are not in the sweltering heat a massive hole in the Ozone layer leaves Australia in. It is not going to be one of the hottest summers on record – no, it is going to be pure bliss and happiness only the Christmas season can bring.

It is the Holiday season! What better way to spend it than imagining a winter wonderland, seeing photos of Santa in his bright woollen suit and thick beard trying not to cringe at the excessive heat he must experience when we delivers his gifts to girls and boys down under. Ho-ho-ho is not the sound of a fat, struggling man attempting to breathlessly get the word “hot” out from under the thick humidity he must push through – no, it is the sound of joy!

For me, Christmas is my favourite time of year. I will never have enough decorations or candy canes to keep me satisfied. I love Christmas so much I once used curling ribbon on an assignment in high school when I was all out of staples and was aptly given the nickname Tinsel. As any pubescent child given a nickname against their will – I hated it, but actually secretly kind of loved every moment someone would remind me of the sparkling wonder only seen at Christmas time that was actually banned from my household. To this day, every Christmas tree I see with tinsel wrapped around it makes my eyes glisten like strings of fairy lights.

Look at me, I’m getting lost in the Christmas magic and forgetting why I’m here…

In the days leading to Christmas, it is an annual tradition of mine to binge watch every movie, every TV episode and everything awkward to watch any other time of year. Last year I watched Love Actually 5 times in 2 weeks, I watched Elf 3 days in a row, I drove most people who know me crazy with my love for the Christmas Spirit, and now I am here to do the same thing to you.

Over the next few weeks I will take you on a journey through time exploring what are the best Christmas movies ever. Or at least in my mind. Some movies make you cry, some make you sing and others are just down right awful in every way, but I love them anyway. From Nicholas Cage in The Family Man to Bruce Willis in Die Hard, enjoy the holiday season with yours truly.

From tomorrow, just like Ebenezer Scrooge we are going on a journey through time to discover what really matters in the holiday season.

Television ❤

I mean, family. Yes, family.


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