2015 Year in Review

Writing a year in review a month into the next year might seem a little late, but to me it has provided a month of additional reflection and the next 12 months are carefully planned out in front of me.

2014 was a horrible year for me. It has sprinkles of amazing memories and significant moments in my life I will always look upon fondly, but each day I was fighting emotions of anxiety, sadness and loneliness. I moved away from my friends to a city I hated, I was bedridden for countless days, I quit my job, transferred my degree and was worried I had let everyone, including and especially myself, down.

Last year was the opposite. 2015 was the year I smashed personal goals in a big way. It’s not until stopping and looking at where I am now that I can see how far I have come.


I became a small business owner

At the end of Jan, 2015 I registered for an ABN and taught myself everything I needed to know about working as a sole trader. I registered my business, and decided to give it a shot.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, something I was passionate about led me to become one of the most sought after Primary, High School and Senior English Tutors in the Western Sydney area. I have not advertised for months, and receive enquiries multiple times a week purely from word of mouth.

While I only work part-time, I could not have anticipated the satisfaction and joy I have gained from growing alongside my students, many of whom are celebrating their one year anniversary with me this Feb.

I made the Dean’s List

With a steady rise in health, came a rise from already great grades, to assessments being graded without fault. In April, I received news that I had landed myself a position on my university Dean’s List. I was baffled, and this little unexpected piece of encouragement fuelled my passion for studying even more.

I Graduated Early12366492_10206731432298841_7156257069815050310_n

…And then a few weeks later, I received word that I was eligible to graduate 6 months early. Mind. Blown.

…With Distinction

…When I did graduate – I was one of
4 classmates to graduate With Distinction, and a higher GPA than I was expecting.

I was accepted into Masters

The good news kept coming, and I was accepted into both my dream and my back-up Masters degrees, and the tough choice of following what I wanted vs what was pragmatic came. For once, I chose the dream instead of the responsibility and I am beyond excited to begin the next journey in 3 weeks time at Monash University.

I proposed to my partner

And he (thankfully) said yes. My constant, my world. In sickness and in health, he is my best friend. This year would not have been a success without him.

I stood up for my friends

I’m not one to stand by as my friends are treated poorly, judged without reason or taken advantage of. I am fiercely loyal, and made a conscious effort to foster the relationships of the people I cared for, and speak my mind to people treating them unfairly.

While the details for now are best kept between my mind and I, this year, I have already continued to fight for what is right. Basically, don’t be a dick for no reason. Even when you have a reason, be an adult.

I stood up for myself

I know who I am, and who I want to be. Each passing day the two are becoming one and the same.

Sometimes, we need to write down what we’ve done to really be able to see how far we’ve come, or to understand where we are going. 2015 was a hard year, full of many obstacles and stress. However, it was a great year. I don’t think I have another I can point to and say definitively, “I grew as a person, I am proud of me” without a moment of hesitation.

I am proud, and you should be too.

What did you achieve last year that you’re proud of?


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