Christmas on a Budget

Today it’s only 2 months until Christmas!

Like most people, the idea of confronting shopping centres in the lead up to the holidays is anxiety inducing, stomach turning and just a complete headache.

Take the hassle out of the silly season by shopping online – and save yourself plenty of pineapples – with these ideas for Christmas shopping on a budget. While the list is short and sweet, it’s bound to get you thinking about the best things to buy well in advance to save you any freak outs at the supermarket.

1. Personalised shatterproof baubles by Emma Polley via Etsy – $12

Personalised Shatterproof Bauble

Based in Sydney, Emma Polley makes gorgeous baubles you can personalise for the small price of $12! With a range of gorgeous colour and font choices, you’re sure to make one just right for everyone you love.

Made shatterproof, you can rest easy knowing they will last for many Christmases to come bringing cheer to the holiday season each year.

They also work well as a token gift for a family until you want to give something more special than just a box of Favourites to this year.
Shipping is only $10 inside Australia.


2. Spiral Notebooks from Redbubble – $15 to $25

Pictured notebook designed by Mareike Böhmer, available at Redbubble.

From shopping lists, to note taking and general doodling, everyone needs a notebook. I go through at least one a month, as well as thousands of online pages of documents. Even for the biggest tech head, sometimes there just isn’t enough battery or 4G available to you!

Support artists by finding the perfect quirky notebook to go with anyone’s personality. With literally thousands to choose from, there will be something for everyone and you can sleep easy knowing your money is helping to fund the creative industries.


3. Custom Foil Print by The Pretty Addicted – from $22


Do you remember a song or movie your friend really enjoys? What about a quote from one of their favourite books? Or just something you think will bring a smile to their face?

Foil prints combine minimalism, modernism and elegance making them perfect for every living space. The prints are great quality, and sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face when they see the thought you put into a gift, reminding them just how special you are to them in return. It’s a win-win, really.


4. Parker Ballpoint Pen available at Officeworks – $16.50


The pen is mightier than the sword, so why not equip them with the sharpest blade around? Available in different sizes and finishes, Parker pens have been a writing luxury for years. With a smooth glide, the pens are a pleasure to hold and will be something your friend or family member will always remember.

For that extra something, a small engraving of a name could cost as little as $20 at a local engraver.


5. Sticky9 Instagram Photomagnets – $25


Having been around for a few years now, these magnets are still relatively unknown! At such a bargain price you can upload yours or your friends photos to be printed as a set of 9, or divide the sheet into gifts for multiple people. Each individual square measures 5cm x 5cm, with larger sizes available.

Not only are they useful, but they will bring life to any fridge, filing cabinet or office cubicle in a heart beat. Most days, you can find a 20% off code floating around the Sticky9 website pretty easily, too.

Save that money!


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