How to incorporate your geek heart in your wedding

It’s time to pop the champagne and celebrate – there are no rules with weddings anymore!

While for many, this statement will be followed with an in chorus of “duh” across the nation, it’s surprising the amount of times I see brides-to-be asking questions worried about the “right” way to do things.

Just this morning, these questions have appeared in my Facebook newsfeed:

“Maybe a stupid question but save the date cards and invites, are they supposed to be different? Must you do both?”

“When are you supposed to have an engagement party?”

“How much roughly would you spend on wedding favours?”

Like most brides planning a wedding, chances are you are scouring Pinterest frequently, a member of multiple bridal groups on social media and comparing yourself to friends you know who were recently married. 9 times out of 10, this does not help the planning process, but instead you find yourself cursing at your screen, wishing you had a spare $50,000 sitting in the bank to make the “perfect” day.

But never fear! The perfect day is complete bullshit! Things will be out of your hands and something will go wrong. So instead of spending your time worrying about the ins and outs of the wedding, why not look at how you can really make it your day.

So instead of worrying about how big your centrepieces are meant to be, let’s celebrate everything you with subtle nods to the geek at heart.


Floral robes? Schmoral robes!
Every second wedding has jumped on the silk robe bandwagon! Why not look at something more personal for your bridesmaids?

Disney, Zelda, Doctor Who and Adventure Time – Let your Bridesmaid inner geek shine, too!

This bride spend a few minutes and hand painted small icons that she knew her girls loved to create personal, one of a kind and heartfelt robes you know the girls will keep. Another bonus, the cotton robes are significantly cheaper than silk! This way, you’re girls look like themselves, rather than stock photos from a digital catalogue.


In the name of the moon, we’ll marry you!
Like bridesmaid dresses, matching jewellery for bridesmaids is another tradition that often sees pieces never being worn again. Instead, save your money and instead of buying expensive sets, go for these Sailor Scout rings for your girl squad.

Only $6.71 each, available in the gemstones of all your favourite Sailor Scouts!

How can you be worried about your drunk uncle if you’re too busy fighting for love and justice? If anything, it’s something to giggle about with your besties in years to come.


Toss the ring pillow and open a chest before you level up!

Reminiscent of opening the chests in Zelda, why not keep your rings in this gorgeous wooden box! Lets be honest, have you ever heard of anyone actually reusing a ring pillow? This box is not only adorable, it’s also practical and can be used for years to come.

For $26.82 the heart can be customised to add that extra something special.

I’m particularly bias on this, as this is the exact box I bought to propose to my fiance with the word “always,” a year later, she’s on our bookshelf working hard on keeping treasure safe.


Think outside the box for your guestbook

My sister and her fiance had the clever idea of collecting postcards during their engagement. It’s cheap, easy and completely personal. They bought them from places special to them including where they grew up, where they visited together and ones that had characters special to them. Some tourist cards are even free!

You can see they are Disney lovers!

This gives guests a lot more room to write a personalised message as well, something that Polaroid guest books don’t encourage.


One glass to rule them all…

Personalised glassware is being a huge trend as laser engraving has become significantly cheaper over the years. The possibilities are endless, but every Tolkien fan needs at least one nod to the One Ring.

Nexus Glass on Etsy offer dozens of options for your perfect glassware ranging between $50 and $100 for a set.

Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica and Harry Potter are just some of the other options available now. Buy etching the glasses with your interests, you’re more likely to use them again in the years to come than something with your name and date on it which after a while will just slowly begin collecting dust.


With dozens more nods to you and your partner’s personalities available at next to no cost, who cares what other people think? Celebrate you!


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