Author’s Day launches NaNoWriMo 2016

November 1st has come around quickly, and that means hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are taking the challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

2016 marks NaNoWriMo’s 18th year, making it legal age to order a drink here in Australia.


With an expected 500,000 people taking part this year, it’s only fitting that the theme is  Your Novel, Your Universe, encouraging writers to reach for the stars in their creativity.

Fittingly launching on Author’s Day, NaNoWriMo’s goal is to get people passionate about writing with help to keep you inspired through the month of November.

To celebrate Authors’ Day I’m revisiting NaNoWriMo. Last year I (unsuccessfully) attempted the challenge, only to find myself quitting 2 weeks in. This year, I am more determined and will try my best to hit the 50K word mark.

So, for this month feel free to ask me how my novel is going.

If you’re not much of a writer, celebrate Author’s Day  by sending someone you know a message of encouragement to help inspire them.

Comment if you want to link up and help inspire one another.



    1. Unfortunately, it’s not going well – oops! I got a bit caught up in life and the struggles of making money to keep up my daily words on top of everything! Still a little while to go for me to see what I can do in the meantime!

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