How to incorporate your geek heart in your wedding: Volume Two

Following on from last week’s popular post, How to incorporate your geek heart in your wedding, I’ve got more secrets and shops to make your wedding completely unique.

Your wedding should be a celebration of everything you love. If you love Sailor Moon because it shaped you into a strong, powerful woman today – great, so do I! Let’s make it a part of your day! If your partner has been playing World of Warcraft for longer than your relationship, why not surprise him with showing your love with something that yells, “FOR THE HORDE!”

Basically, do whatever makes you and your partner happy. Sometimes it means shouting your interests from the rooftops, other times its the more subtle touches are all that you need to show off your inner geek. The later, I can help inspire you in showing your authentic self on one of the biggest, best and most memorable days of your life!


Holy Smokes, Batman! Comic Book Buttonholes!

Your options are virtually endless, as almost everything exists in comic form! Create the perfect boutonniere yourself to save you some dollars using one of many guides available online for free, or if you’re not the crafty DIY person, Etsy is your best friend.

Get creative with whatever comics your bridal party would love, like this one made from a Superman comic. Image from the Etsy shop, MissPoppinsandMe.

MissPoppinsandMe have all you could ever need for paper flower, and ship from Melbourne Australia. Into maps and cartography? Check. A musician? Check. Got a favourite book that you adore? Check. The flowers aren’t just for the men, either. Online you’ll find paper bouquets for the Bride and her maids, or single flowers as a perfect “just because” present. From $20, you can’t go wrong with this little bit of personalisation.


Possibly the world’s cutest custom cake toppers

Just look at how adorable Kirrito and Asuna are in cake topper form? Can I get a collective “Awwwww”? Not only do these bring a touch of you to the wedding, but they will look so amazing in photos!


JessychuCreations creates her toppers lovingly by hand, and has a huge amount of previous customer examples for you to browse through, you’re sure to be inspired.

For over $100, they’re a little on the expensive side, but unlike other wedding cake toppers, these will be kept forever for display in your new home as husband and wife for sure. To me, it’s worth spending the extra cash.


WOW, look at those WoW Heels!

Looking for an interesting take on something blue? Why not splurge for yourself and grab these amazing custom heels to show of your World of Warcraft love? They’re just classy enough to blend seamlessly under your dress, but just amazing enough to leave a lasting imprint on anyone you show them off to.

Made by CustomFeeTs in the UK, these shoes are one of a kind that will help you in PvP for sure*.

Not only that, but they’re definitely the types of shoes you’ll use again for special nights with the husband, unlike wedding day shoes which for so many Brides end up collecting dust in the bottom of the wardrobe.

*Disclaimer: May not help in PvP aside from making you look awesome.


Personal (with a twist) Flasks for your Bridal Party

Let them know that just like Snape, you’ll always be there for your best guys and girls until the very end (RIP both Snape and the perfectly cast Alan Rickman). DrinkingBuddy has dozens of flasks like this one spanning multiple geek universes, as well as some downright cool designs that are different from the traditional name engraving and/or title laser engraving.

Shipping from the United States, DrinkingBuddy has a 5 Star rating on Etsy, so you know you’re in good hands.

At $27 a flask, you will want to buy some for yourself. I’m definitely partial to this Harry Potter themed one, but there are great options for Jane Austen, Shakespeare and Star Wars just to name a few!


Throw your nerdy love into the air!

Everyone loves confetti, right? Okay, it can be annoying and hard to clean up and you find bits of it around your home for weeks afterwards leaving you to constantly wonder how something can seemingly follow you around everywhere you go…but how can you be mad and upset when it’s the books and comics that you love!

PeachyCustoms has Comic Book Confetti available to buy, as well ad plenty of other geekery to get you inspired for not only the big day but your home.


This one can be made at next to no cost! Grab a nice hole punch, shaped if you want to be fancy, grab whatever you want to be shared on your day – and PUNCH AWAY! It can be used as table scatters as well as confetti easily to give your big day the pop of colour it was missing. If you’re notorious for being lazy, never fear! You can buy it pre-punched and ready to go from as little as $4. Too easy.


Now I bet you’re like me and wishing you could have multiple weddings just to use all these ideas…Remember them for future themed parties!


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